Labour to recognise Palestinian state in election manifesto

In a decision seen as an effort to reassure the party’s left wing, Keir Starmer is expected to announce plans to recognize a Palestinian state as part of Labour’s manifesto. 

The draft supposedly says a Palestinian state should be recognised as “part of a peace process”.

The pledge is seen by some as an attempt to appease the left-leaning pro-Palestine voters who have been highly critical of the government’s overall reluctance to call for a ceasefire and recognise Palestine as a state.

However, the Labour party insists that it remains cautious about securing peace, security and safety for Palestine and Israel in line with international processes.

Keir Starmer is surrendering to Jihad

The Telegraph

Labour leftwingers push Sir Keir Starmer to officially commit to backing the ‘immediate recognition of a Palestinian state’ and scrapping two-child benefit cap as senior party figures and union leaders meet to hammer out election manifesto

Daily Mail

Keir Starmer expected to push for Palestinian state in Labour manifesto

The Guardian

Labour expected to pledge Palestinian state recognition in manifesto

Sky News

Starmer finally declares his hand in manifesto with Palestinian state recognition

The Independent

Keir Starmer to bow to left of party with push for Palestinian state in Labour manifesto

Daily Express

Starmer ‘wants Palestinian statehood in Labour manifesto’

The Times

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