Conservatives perform badly at England local elections

The Conservatives have seen their worst set of results in 40 years after millions of voters made their choices on Thursday for their preferred choice of councils and mayors.

On May 2, 107 English councils held elections for more than 2,000 seats. There were elections for 58 district councils, the London assembly as well as 11 mayors including for London, greater Manchester and Liverpool. Police and crime commissioners were also up for election.

The Conservatives lost 397 council seats across England in the council elections, with Labour gaining 232, the Lib Dems 98 and Greens 64.

Labour now control 51 of the 107 councils, the Lib Dems 12, Conservatives 6 and independents 1, with 37 under no overall control.

The Conservatives lost control of 10 councils, with Labour gaining eight and the Lib Dems two.

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