Bicep share new track under alias

Bicep has released a fresh track under their alternate alias, DOVE, showcasing a more experimental, rave-influenced direction.

‘CHROMA 003 Bi83’ marks a significant addition to the duo’s newly established CHROMA label. It encapsulates the essence of CHROMA’s motto: ‘from acid to alkaline’.

The duo explains, “DOVE serves as a platform where we can explore individual ideas, moving away from complete songs and focusing more on experimental concepts crafted in the studio. For instance, our debut release revolves around the use of human voices and acid to generate the majority of sounds.”

Looking ahead, they envision DOVE embracing the sounds of their upbringing, with a distinctive rave-inspired aesthetic. However, for now, they’re looking forward to nurturing its evolution and potential.

You can listen to ‘CHROMA 003 Bi83’ on Bandcamp below.

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