Scotland’s first minister Humza Yousaf resigns

Humza Yousaf, Scotland’s first minister, has unexpectedly resigned after severing ties with his government’s coalition partners.

Leading the SNP since March last year, Yousaf’s decision to end the power-sharing agreement with the Scottish Green Party sparked turmoil in Holyrood. The rift stemmed from disagreements over climate targets, prompting Yousaf to deem the coalition, formed in 2021, had “served its purpose”.

Subsequently, former Green allies, along with the Conservatives, Labour, and Liberal Democrats, mobilized two no-confidence motions—one targeting Yousaf’s leadership and another against the entire Scottish government.

In anticipation of these votes, Yousaf resigned from his post as first minister on Monday, citing a refusal to compromise his values for political expediency. He will continue in his role until a successor is appointed.

Yousaf has been vocal about supporting Scottish independence, and his resignation has been celebrated by right-wing, pro-unionist tabloids, who also ran stories about the fall of the pro-independence SNP.

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