CEO posted crying selfie after layoffs to show they’re a normal person too

In a stunning display of corporate theatrics, a CEO recently took to social media to share a tear-stained selfie in the aftermath of company layoffs, aiming to remind the masses that executives are indeed mortal beings, capable of shedding tears like the rest of us plebeians.

Captured with all the finesse of a struggling artist trying to embody the essence of existential angst, the selfie presented telltale signs of corporate distress: smudged mascara, a quivering lower lip, and a gaze that seemed to plead, “Please, won’t someone think of the stock options?”

Accompanying this emotional rollercoaster of an image was a caption that read, “Just another day at the office! #ExecsHaveFeelingsToo.” The hashtag, reminiscent of a support group for emotionally repressed CEOs, quickly gained traction with companies around the world, hoping this was the dawn of a new era in corporate empathy. But perhaps it was just another desperate cry for attention in the digital abyss.

When asked about his inspiration for the tearful display, the response was as poorly calculated as his quarterly earnings report: “I wanted to show our employees that executives are just like them—except we cry in Italian leather boardrooms.”

The question remains – was this tearful selfie a genuine attempt at corporate empathy, or just another carefully orchestrated PR stunt designed to distract from the real issues plaguing the company?

Regardless of the answer, as long as there are layoffs to be announced and stock prices to be salvaged, the tears of CEOs will continue to flow, like rivers of sorrow in a sea of corner office despair. Let’s spare a thought for them all through this difficult time.

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